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Sigh. My knee is acting up again. Some parts of me feel older than they should.

I need a new scale because mine is ancient and unreliable. Any recommendations for a good digital bathroom scale?

A few things

1. I’ve switched MFP from loss to maintenance for the first time ever.

2. I am so much more flexible in the evening but morning yoga still sounds better.

3. The rainy season is here with a vengeance. I haven’t had a real run in weeks. Almost makes me want to go to the gym. Almost.

It was my birthday this weekend and I indulged a little too much. I’ve been terribly lax and now I’m feeling it. Ugh. It’s been too long since I’ve had this kind of diet.

So this happened.

My planks are getting better and lasting longer :). My wrists don’t feel like they’re about to buckle quite so soon.

Don’t mind the random cat toys in the background *for shame*

Playing with fitsnap after my morning yogastudio session. Fitness app addict, yes.

i can make this work. 

Meatless Monday. Miso soup with tofu farro stir fry.